Unlike traditional lenders, applying for Float will not hurt one’s credit score, but a positive payment relationship will help build it.
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Everything about the product is designed to appeal to millennials, who have become notorious for their aversion to the trickster fine print associated with banks and credit cards.
If you asked a bank for a loan to buy Coachella tickets, they'd probably laugh and maybe take away your credit card. But Float, a credit app, is launching a new service just for needs like that.
A mobile-first credit experience, minus the credit check.
Finalist in the category of Emerging Consumer Lending Platforms: Awarded to the young company that has demonstrated the greatest potential to impact the future of consumer lending.
Float, One of the Fastest & Most Accessible Credit Products on the Market.
They empower young consumers to establish creditworthiness through personalized, non-FICO-based underwriting which helps Float make decisions in seconds.
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