"Immediate access to cash is a game changer."
App Store Reviewer, curtgadget
I love the Float app, it really is like Uber for money! I love how easy it is to make a transfer into my account and it's just as easy to pay it back! Thank you Float!
Eric Rojas - Technical Designer
I got approved for a $50 Float and will pay it next month with less than 3 dollars interest. Not bad at all. Sign up was quick and easy and so far the consumer experience has been great.
Alejandro Salas - Sales Manager, FreedomPop
Move over payday loan services, Float is in town! From the first time I used the Float app, I knew that it would make its mark in the micro loan industry.

I often have medical bills that I am forced to pay at a later time due to other bills piling up, but Float has provided me with a solution! I am able to instantly transfer money into my account for a very reasonable and competitive rate, which allows me to rest easy knowing all of my bills are taken care of. I am then able to pay back Float when I receive my next paycheck.

Compared to using a payday loan service, Float wins any day of the week!
Tyler Licata - Marketing Coordinator, Monterey Bay Alternative Medicine
Float credit is amazing! If you need to cover some unexpected expenses or just need some extra cash in your checking account, Float is the way to go. Their sign up process is simple and best of all, they deposit your money instantly using your Visa debit card. They make their fees clear as day and hide nothing from you. They also report your credit history to TransUnion so you can build credit. And with auto pay they make sure you have enough money in your checking account before they take their payment.
Kevin Palmer - Cashier, The Walt Disney Company
Float is amazing! Their customer service is friendly and they respond quickly, if not immediately!
Alex Mendoza - Bartender
Float has been great for me when I'm in a bind, especially as a college student. Very open communication with the staff, and very generous timelines to pay off credit. Highly recommend.
John Franks - Student
Such kind, helpful people! I borrowed $250 during a very hard time and they were very compassionate and worked with me. I’ve told everyone I know about this app.
George Murphy - Los Angeles Real Estate Agent